Scorpion Moon CD

Scorpion Moon

1.  Scheherazade (Scorpion Moon)
2. Hiraeth
3. Hero
4. Savage
5. Mermaid Song
6. City
7. The Tower
8. Hold
9. Piper
10. Proof of Life
11. Moving On

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Ethereal vocal melodies soar over evocative world instruments creating a lushly textured soundscape.  

Produced by Douglas Romanow.  


Heartwood CD - 2009

1.  Heartwood
2. Drift
3. Eurydice
4. Winter
5. Hurricane
6. Light
7. Twilight
8. Children of Lir
9. The Juniper
10. The Birch's Lament
11. Madron Well

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With a lush clear voice that entices us into a richly sonic world of ancient myths and mystic memories, Canadian mezzo-soprano, Sora, offers songs that embrace ancient lore and modern sensibilities.

Produced by Douglas Romanow

Wings in Flight Single - 2011

By CIndy O'Neil & Sora.  Start with inspiring vocals by two distinctly different female indie artists, add a splendid string section, an air of The Flower Duet; the result is this majestic and uplifting single.


Giant's Causeway Single - 2011

Haunting and ethereal, Giant’s Causeway fuses Celtic and new age elements to tell a cinematic story of patriotism rooted within a deep love of the land.  A collaboration between Nicky Bendix (Denmark) and Sora (Canada)


Legacy Single - 2010

Written and recorded as part of Calgary Family Services' 'Legacy' project and 100 year celebration. A powerful voice combined with deep lyricism uprises on top of passionate strings.


Winds of Change CD - 2003

1.  A Piper
2. The Last Rose of Summer
3. The Trees They Grow So High
4. Searching for Lambs
5. The Foggy Dew
6. My Lagan Love
7. O Let No Star Compare With Thee
8. Skye Boat Song
9. The Salley Gardens
10. The Loom
11. The Lawyer
12. The Garten Mother's Lullaby
13. The Singer

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Sora's rich melodic voice soars above simple but distinct arrangements of folk songs from the British Isles.

Ceramic Flower Pendant

Ceramic pendants handmade just for me by a wonderful artist in California.  


Emerge is Sora's first book of poetry and prose.  This book examines facets of love and connection through poetry and prose that pulls meaning from being present in nature's moments.



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